About Arility

Arility develops Augmented Reality lessons for schools.

About Us

Constable Care Child Safety Foundation has delivered award-winning children’s health and safety programs in WA schools since 1989.

A registered harm prevention charity, the Foundation delivers face-to-face education to over a hundred thousand children every year in primary schools throughout Western Australia.

With a team of highly qualified professionals and extensive experience in making learning fun and engaging, the Foundation also operates a world-first AR-enhanced road safety experiential learning centre for children from its premises in Maylands, Western Australia. The Foundation has taken the learning and expertise gained from creating and running this hugely successful Safety School to a whole new level with the creation of Arility for schools.

DSBS are an IT company providing independent planning and system implementation services in Australia since 2003.

Working with government, private and not for profit organisations we have created innovative solutions with an emphasis on generating lasting business value.

Together we have developed Arility. An exciting future for education.

We are committed to:

Making education fun

We develop engaging and exciting AR content that ensures students want to learn.

Measurable outcomes

Arility lessons are directly linked to the school curriculum, allowing teachers to identify measurable learning outcomes.

Easy reporting

Arility delivers real-time, easy to understand reports straight to the teacher’s inbox, linking their individual students’ experience directly to learning outcomes from the WA curriculum. All the hard work’s done!